Virtual Tour - Landa Illuminotecnica


Choose the application and discover where to install the new products [LND]

New ways to enjoy light.
A dynamic integration between design and products, to fully visualize the outdoor, technical and aesthetic potential of [LND] lighting fixtures.
A hypothetical place welcomes [LND] core products. They will find their location CAR-GO, EYE, FOG, I-LANTERN, KUBOID accompanied by the new unexpected range composed by NEST and FIREFLY.

Welcoming and accompanying lighting travelers into [LND] universe is now possible.
Now, more than ever, we are starting the integration of a classic product language with an immersive journey into Landa Lighting world.
We will make three-dimensional what, by its representative nature, is bi-dimensional.
A real journey into the word light, to understand the infinite facets of [LND] iconic products.