Imperfection is our note of perfection. Uniqueness in diversity has been our design leitmotiv. &CO/LLECTION is the new range of products made in [LND].

They originate from the wish to find a new place for light in its natural environment: nature. With awareness, we have maintained all the bio-aspect features of the materials to be able to give you a new anthology of organic light.

It is for this very reason that, in this collection, you will never find aesthetically perfect products, with an icy cold, industrial look. For this reason we have taken the names of this collection from the Cactus family. The beauty of this variety of plants is that although they are all very similar, due to their thorns, aesthetic conformation and properties, they are always different from each other in shape and size.

In the world does one human being exist who is identical to another? One animal the same as its nearest brother? We have listened to Nature and it has described for us, once again, that one is unique thanks to its anomalies. So, the lesson transfers itself to non-mass and non-industrial production. For [LND] uniqueness, originality and care for details are, precisely what makes the &CO/LLECTION extraordinary. All that’s left to do is to release the [LND] products into their &CO/system.

Landa Illuminotecnica - &Co/llection




Landa Illuminotecnica - &Co/llection
Landa Illuminotecnica - &Co/llection


Landa Illuminotecnica - &Co/llection

Wood to change the world

Landa Illuminotecnica - Accoya

Accoya® timber is produced by Accsys in its factory in Arnhem in the Netherlands. Accsys transforms certified sustainable, fast growing timber into Accoya® through its proprietary acetylation process.

Accoya® is the truly sustainable choice which helps respond to global challenges such as climate change. Accredited by the FSC® and Cradle to Cradle Gold™ certified, it is the only construction material in the world to obtain C2C Platinum™ certification for the health of materials. With a low carbon footprint it can contribute to decreasing carbon emissions for a healthier world. It is also non-toxic, therefore safe for people and pets and for the planet.

Landa Illuminotecnica - &Co/llection
  • 25 year warranties
  • Long service life
  • Multiple finishes
  • Non toxic
  • Highly stable
  • Low maintenance
  • Natural wood
  • Low environmental impact
  • Highly durable
  • Ideal for coating
  • Sustainably sourced
  • 100% Recyclable
Landa Illuminotecnica - &Co/llection
Landa Illuminotecnica - &Co/llection

Accoya® offers a reliability without precedents for timber.

It is monitored and reliable, it does not swell, does not shrink and does not visibly distort. Highly durable, it resists the test of any climate. And moreover, it remains unchanged: a 50-year guarantee out of the ground and 25 years underground and in fresh water.

Accoya® timber has been accurately tested for dimensional stability, duration, paint retention and terrain conditions to guarantee optimal performances. In fact, it is so reliable that for many years it has been and continues to be used by scientists as a reference point with respect to which other treatments and modified timbers are measured.
With a guarantee of 25 years in underground or fresh waters why choose anything else? Accoya® timber is not palatable to a wide range of parasites and constitutes an effective barrier against attacks by insects.

Focus on:
acetylation process.

Acetylation applies a modification at molecular level which changes the structure of the timber itself, improving many of its performance characteristics, above all natural durability and dimensional stability. Modification of the timber (chemical, thermal or impregnation) such as acetylation, improves the physical, mechanical or aesthetic properties of timber. This process produces a material which can be disposed of at the end of the life cycle of a product without presenting greater environmental risks than those associated to the disposal of natural timber.

Landa Illuminotecnica - &Co/llection