Defining, enhancing, customizing and transforming external architecture.

Outdoor light that integrates with the architecture, makes the spaces livable, gives them volume and shape, sometimes with hypnotic or relaxing atmospheres, made possible by an excellent technique.

Intelligent, reasoned, programmed lighting.
Nothing is left to chance, in continuous dialogue with the natural light.
Perfect lighting designs, thanks to the possibility of providing a management control that makes even the simplest of products optimal.

Design, clean and simple lines.

Design Made in Italy - Landa Illuminotecnica

Shapes integrated into the architecture, sometimes 3D, wall washer or oblique light, able to follow any design requirement.

Made in Italy, made in Lumezzane

Lömedhane [lømeˈðane]

Design Made in Italy - Landa Illuminotecnica
Design Made in Italy - Landa Illuminotecnica

Each component of the Landa luminaires is completely designed, developed, engineered and manufactured in Italy. In Lumezzane.
Lumezzane, the production hub of the province of Brescia, is the place where all products come to life, starting from melting of metals up to the machining from solid and the drawing on the finished product.
A work culture, a typical ability of the territory where the company was established, and an essential characteristic for those who work in Landa, every day, to provide the market with the best lighting quality.

Design Made in Italy - Landa Illuminotecnica
History - Landa Illuminotecnica


Landa Illuminotecnica was born and grew up in Lumezzane, Brescia, a flourishing area of Northern Italy known for its strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Technology - Landa Illuminotecnica


Landa luminaires have IP65/67 protection ratings and guarantee extremely high technology and light quality.

The Bugatti Group - Landa Illuminotecnica


Landa is part of an important reality born from the initiative of the new generations of the family.