In [LND], they firmly believe that the essence of light is to be found in the decorative, taking inspiration from Nature and its language.

[LND] reinterprets its own philosophy, transforming outdoor aesthetics into unexpected and charming ways. Efficiency and performance, imperative and steadfast aspects in the company’s production, are now part of a transversal thought that turns to the decorative and contemplates the inimitable authenticity of Nature.

This is how the collection was born. Unexpected. A story that narrates, made of discrete geometries and lighting accents, that are protagonists of an organic dialogue with the surrounding world. The new Landa lighting chapter rediscovers a dreamlike dimension, opening itself to visions that can make matter live in synergy with the spirit of Nature.

[LND] has always interpreted ideal lighting for outdoors. It designs lighting paths in total harmony with the surrounding greenery. Scenographic effects of luminescence are inserted into the luxurious and luxuriant fabric of meadows, woods and gardens, creating a scenario of silent promises in balance with the natural world. The design of the Unexpected products presents itself, in this way, in an unusual garment, without betraying the linear and minimal style typical of the company.


The magic of light.

Landa Illuminotecnica - I-Lantern

Shadows that dance,
shadows that take shape and vibrate.

A distant lantern that illuminates bodies that move in the night and observes the kisses of lovers, stolen from the night. Small steps diminish in the light, projected afar. A sweet, sensual light, a light so beautiful that it can be reached. A real dream.

Technology & Soul

I-Lantern is characterised by a strong personality, a direction of light with a 10W powerful heart. An aesthetic fusion living parallel with a minimal design to provide a wide range of possible installations.

Landa Illuminotecnica - I-Lantern

The standing version is also re-chargeable and self-feeding, has an autonomy of 3 hours at the maximum power and is fitted with a red leather handle, suitable for moving and positioning the device in its desired location. The diffused beam light is dimmable in three different modes.

Landa Illuminotecnica - I-Lantern
Landa Illuminotecnica - I-Lantern


Legends of light.

Landa Illuminotecnica - TP-Lamp

Vast and impalpable Nature welcomes the night.

The scent of grass caresses the skin, which feels, with a shiver, the cold dew. Far away, a light speaks of ancient tales lost in the folds of time.

We are all united in a circle of stories.

The tribe of the imagination awakens around a fire of light.

In a circle, side by side, hand in hand. Towards the starry sky, stories rise, telling of a time long ago. Where men and mountains, animals and flowers, rocks and rivers danced to the rhythm of the earth’s cycles.

Landa Illuminotecnica - TP-Lamp
Landa Illuminotecnica - TP-Lamp

A ritual that, for Landa, turns into TP-Lamp. Outdoor spaces once again become home to the secrets of human history, because without sharing there is no memory, without teaching there is no understanding. TP-Lamp is a guide in the darkest night, a light that returns to make the dormant corners of the past protagonists.

Landa Illuminotecnica - TP-Lamp



Landa Illuminotecnica - Firefly

The beauty of light emerges from nature, it spreads and surfaces to make room for the restless dancers of the theatre of shadows.
A distant memory, an innocent and rare dream awakens. Darkness.
It lights up. Light.
To then disappear, deceiving and fleeting like a caress in the night. Darkness.

"E lucevan le stelle..." (And the stars shone)

They are fireflies.
Twins of the stars that belong to the earth, where the night shines and small lights patter against the green drowsiness of sleep.

A bucolic spectacle which for Landa turns into Firefly.

Outdoor spaces once again keep secrets, because the essence of light allows itself to be guided by the formidable simplicity of nature. Firefly becomes the magic of an everlasting night together with the most contemporary design.

Landa Illuminotecnica - Firefly

An outdoor luminaire, with a poetic soul.

Firefly is the first unexpected product by Landa, where the magic of the outdoor world is enriched by a design with a clear reference to nature.
So, the tech soul of the Bugatti Group displays itself for the first time with minimalist decorative elements, with a wide reference to an oneiric and dreamlike universe.

Landa Illuminotecnica - Firefly
Landa Illuminotecnica - Firefly


Nature and light.

Landa Illuminotecnica - Nest

Ode to man and nature!

Without a coded language, the first learns from the second the sweetness inside hostility, protection in uncertainty in a fight without weapons against the unforeseeable.
It is in this way that the need to create a place called home exists, to build a refuge where children can live, away from inclement weather and danger.
A nest. Like a wild song translated into the language of man.

The unexpected can be found in Nest, hiding among the leaves to become their accomplice.
Metal and wood guide this silent conversation in harmony with the surrounding greenery.
Lighting highlights and makes room for the nest, with the delicacy of those who are aware of venturing into an intimate and warm place.

Landa Illuminotecnica - Nest

An intelligent and technological “web”.
A modern human work!

Working cleverly with the Nest web, the artisan composes poetry translated into skill. On one hand, an ancient gesture – the web of wood, an ancestral and symbolic material, which recalls an aesthetic based on the landscape.
On the other, a new modernity which reinterprets the experimentation of the design landscape, which already, in the gardens of the artist Gertrude Jekyll in the XX century, brought to life the green profiles of the whole of Europe, rediscovering an echo in the designs of Landa.
In Nest, the unrepeatable harmony of nature, in this way, meets the meticulous and patient work of the artisan.

Landa Illuminotecnica - Nest
Landa Illuminotecnica - Nest

A homage to nature!

Nest is a lighting device composed of a thin web of wooden branches, worked in an artisan manner.
The structure of the product is sculpted in such a simple material that it interprets a new role, for a new lighting design vision.
The clever web in willow shelters the light source in LED technology which makes Nest a luminaire to be installed among trees and green leaves. Thanks to the opal diffuser, the diffused light beam, shining upwards, creates and emphasizes the contrast in previously unknown volumes and recesses.

Available in two versions with different heights and diameters, Nest has an IP65 protection level ideal for outdoor applications.
The aesthetic of the product which reminds us of a nest, blends in with the natural contexts where it is installed.

Landa Illuminotecnica - Nest